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Finbarr O’Farrell

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Psychological Studies

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Learn German with Me

Some years ago I was approached by the HR manager of a company where I was teaching English. He asked if I was interested in teaching German to a newly-arrived colleague from South America.
At first I hesitated; I believed then that teaching a foreign languaage was best done by a native speaker with the requisite pedagogical and social skills.

The HR Manager convinced me however to take on the task, pointing out that  the level of my German (C2), coupled with my experience and knowledge of both English and German grammar, were ideal for the student’s needs.

As soon as I began teaching German, I realised how valuable my experience as a learner of German was in teaching others confronted by the same challenges and pitfalls.

Since then I’ve never looked back: teaching German gives me as much emotional and intellectual joy as I experience in teaching my mother tongue.

German has a reputation for being a difficult language to learn. Sure it has its tricky bits but so has English.

I teach all levels, from beginner to advanced, whether for private or professional use.

Why not try a free first lesson and convince yourself? I bring to the table extensive teaching experience but I’ve never lost sight of the essential fun element necessary in learning a foreign language with a skilled teacher.

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